Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Army Update 2

Well over the last week I have gotten to the stage of dipping and basing the remainder of the army.

I'm pretty happy with how it's gone (with the odd exception), but my inexperience with dipping shows on the vehicles with the odd blob of varnish - but it's done now.

Over all it certainly gives the army a more darker and gritter look, but the snow on the bases can certainly do with 2 layers so it doesn't look thin/grey.

Meanwhile on the table the Wolves have won their first two games at 1,750pts, first one was verses Blood Angels in Capture and Control (5 objectives) and table quarter deployment. I tabled the BA in turn 6 while holding 4 out of 5 objectives, but I will say the Blood Angels had some appalling luck.

Game 2 was on Vassal vs Necrons, Annihilation with Table Quarters again. He had Nightbringer, 2 Monoliths, lord, 8 Immortals and 30 Warriors, until turn 4 I was losing badly on KP 7-2 (cos I could just couldn't kill Nightbringer) but in turn 4 the Wolves managed one massive combat on the 30 Warriors to force the Phase out, though sacrificing a rune priest to Jaws of the World Wolf the Necron Lord did help a bit.

So I wonder what tonight's gaming will bring......

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