Friday, 22 June 2012

Not another 6th Edition Post!

I'm not dead!

Hopefully later today the the deposit for the mortgage will go through, and me and the Mrs should be back in 40k Mecca (Nottingham) by the end of July.

And what better time to be back in strike range of Warhammer World!

Now like most of you I have been keeping a eye on the various rumours/leaks etc about 6th Edition 40k.

I for one cannot wait for it to be in my hands, what I do dread is the insuring internet hate and whinging.

To quote Zach from the Independent Characters Podcast:

""If one little rule change is going to make you rage then in you're in the wrong game!"

Till next time/when I move!


  1. Since you're back in God's country - how about a game once we've perused the rulebook a bit? It's been a while!


  2. Indeed. Should be back in notts for mid July as we got the house keys today!

    Of course it would help if you werent in india!!!