Thursday, 12 July 2012

Axes - Who are they good for?!

I'm not dead, just busy with work, house move, and old (current, crappy) house having the living room flood a little.

So just a little quickie post till I move....

Anyway during my night shift reading of the new 6th Ed rulebook I thought who *actually* benefits from the power axe?

Guard Blobs.

Everything will strike before you anyway so make yourself St4 ap2, St5 if Straken is around.

Hmmmm St5 Guardsmen.....

4/5 Sergeants with axes and pistols so that's 2 basic attacks, plus pistol bonus makes 3 each, 4 on the charge. Add in a commissar or two....

Also because IC's a pretty much hidden in assault (except for challenges and precision strikes) the Priest is even useful now (well a bit more).

So that's a little post till I've moved house.


  1. I don't get it, everything I read on the interwebz seems to be saying that they will take axes over fists, not sure why, yeah its an extra attack with the axe but I would prefer having a fist that I know will better deal with monstrous creatures, walkers and vehicles.

  2. Well in my example they cant take power fists, but as you aay I genrally agree

  3. I've seen a few Dark Eldar lists taking poweraxes, but that's because it's the only way to get AP2 (outside of a few special characters). However when you have access to the powerfist I'd pay the (generally 10) extra points to have the fist which gives you a chance to instant kill some models and be much more effective charging vehicles.