Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Blog Wars 5 List: Loganwing?

So I am thinking of my list for Blog Wars 5 and I'm leaning towards an all Terminator list so this naturally
leads me down the path of Deathwing or Loganwing.

At the moment I'm leaning towards this list using Space Wolves:

Logan Grimnar 275
Rune Priest in Terminator Armour = 120

10 Wolf Guard in Terminator Armour, 2 Cyclone Missile Launchers = 390

10 Wolf Guard in Terminator Armour, 2 Assault Cannons = 390

10 Wolf Guard in Terminator Armour, 2 Heavy Flamers = 340

10 Wolf Guard in Terminator Armour, 1 heavy Flamer = 335

Bang on 1850

But it requires too MASSIVE proxies:

Power fists count as power mauls (+2st AP4) & Chain fists count as power axes (+1st AP2).

Now I'm looking at this because I really, really want to put 42 Terminators on the table. But the big question is would YOU readers, friends, or fellow blog war players let me do this and/or would it leave a sour taste in your mouth?

I ask this in respect to my fellow gamer.


  1. Nice list. Id have no objections to the proxy personally, but beyond points cost, why? The odd chainfist / pfist could come in handy...

  2. I just want many, many terminators!

  3. This kind of proxy is totally cool if it means loads of termies hit the table! Cool factor conquers all rules nonsense!

  4. Looks interesting. Give me a shout if you want a practice game with proxies.

  5. No problems with proxies, so long as its clear what it is, do whatever you want to.

  6. I wouldn't have a problem with it! I am now utterly terrified of facing that many Terminators at Blog Wars, although I am still undecided on whether my Daemons will be ready or I will be using my trusty Nids for this one.... re; Proxies, i wouldn't have a problem with it as long as you make sure to explain before (and remind as necessary during) the game. however for confirmation just message Alex and ask him if he is ok with it, it's his tournie at the end of the day.

    Cheers and see you Soon,


  7. That's an interesting list, I could do it with my stash of metal terminators, I would be adding a couple of TH/SS and T-WC. This is what I came up with after I ran the list through my Excell SW list builder.
    40x Wolf Guard, the standard armament is still listed (Power Armour, CCW, Bolt Pistol, Frag and Krak Grenades. 40 x Terminator armour 2 x Assault cannon 2 x Cyclone missile launcher 2 x Heavy flamer 4 x Wolf claw 4 x Wolf claw 2 x Storm shield 2 x Thunder hammer)
    Add Logan into the list and it comes in at 1,845 points and I have to decide what to spend those extra 5 points on for this weekends game.

    I have a couple of questions for you. How do you deal with Air and don't you think it is a bit slow moving? In our Little Wars game next month (2,999 points) I would use the list but add Drop Pods, possibly a Dreadnought and some Predators for support if I have the points to spare.

    1. For Flyers - well it's just a silly fun list based on a bit of fluff - Battle of Macragge, and a lot of what the Ultramarines First company was inside (before they all got wiped out).

      During a test game a combination of prescience and preferred enemy spread across 2 squads did help a little - Other than a Blood Angels Storm Raven there is not much low AP flyers to bother termies (Hi Helldrake :P)

      It is slow (as SW Termies cannot not teleport) but the sheer amount of fire power is surprising.

    2. I showed your list to a couple of gaming mates and one wrote this (If I was going up against it I'd field as many liquefier guns as I could, they are template and roll for AP so 50 percent of the time I'd be killing those termies outright), then again he is a Dark Eldar 'Net List' player that tends to build lists just to take my SW army down.

      I was wondering if you were intending to walk/run the list across the table or just deploy well forward and in cover. I'm thinking seriously of using the Logan Wing in the Little Wars game next month, when I have it worked out I will post it here.

      BTW what's your local Metagame like?

    3. I play all against all sorts from casual fluff gamers to 40kUK's Dave Symcox and Franco Maurffo.

      To be honest codices are coming out so fast there really is no meta as most people cannot afford to keep pace.

      Also a random AP only is ignoring termies 1 in 3 times - and if it's a template it's going to take a long time to get in range or risk a lot for that one shot - use that against him. Net listing is different to "just making a list to bash my mate"

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