Monday, 29 April 2013

BOLS & Faeit 212 - GW use Banhammer - it was super effective!

So a few folks would of known by now that Faiet 212 and Bell of Lost Souls are out of action!

Well as this link shows both have been hot by the GW legal team.

In my opinion if Chapterhouse were not so stubborn perhaps GW would of never gotten this aggressive against online content - but who can say for sure?

Of course living in Nottingham does have it perks and I can tell you that at least 2 other big names are in their cross hairs but of course that would be telling and dropping friends in the shit.

 I can tell you that GW's legal team are no way as passive, anal, or inactive as 99% of gamers would believe - most of the average store bods at Warhammer World HQ know of these sites recreationally.


  1. I'm sure it's happened before. From conversations I've had with him he regularly receives "cease and desist" type things from GW.

    I'm sure he'll be back up and running soon. Don't think GW mind rumours just not full photos of WD pages.

    It's probably just taking longer since he's away at the moment.

  2. On the blogging side of things back when I was briefly at the Space Wolves blog - you can make money if you get enough hits (talking millions of hits)

    And it's obvious that BOLS and Faiet do get those hits, so in a way they would be making money of stuff that's not been released yet or thiers.....

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