Friday, 27 September 2013

Hey? Wait! What?! Oh and some Marines and Grey Knights...

Well if I'm not playing I'm not really blogging.

With the advent of the new Space Marine book and that I have nearly collected subconsciously a full Battle Company along side my Ultramarine 1st Company (mainly make weights in trades) I'm pretty much ready to roll with the new bag of tricks marines are bringing to the party.

Now I've been lucky to play even just a game a week of late and mostly then I've been a certain Mr Symcox's bitch (latest of which you can listen to here. So at least the few games I've gotten in have been against quality opposition.

So with a new book and a new meta in the line here's what I have planned as my go to list for the coming year in 2014.....

1850 White Scars (Space marines) with Grey Knight Allies

Kor'sarro Khan, Moondrakken = 150

9 sternguard = 208
Drop Pod = 35

5 Legion of the Dammed,
Melta Gun, Multi Melta, Combi Melta on Sergeant = 155

Tactical Squad, 10 men, Multi Melta, Plasma Gun = 165
Rhino = 35

Tactical Squad, 10 men, Multi Melta, Plasma Gun = 165
Rhino = 35

Bike Squadron:
8 Bikes, 2 grav guns, Melta Bombs on Sergeant = 203

Bike Squadron:
8 Bikes, 2 grav guns, Melta Bombs on Sergeant = 203

Heavy Support:
Thunderfire Cannon = 100

Grey Knight Allies:

Inquisitor Coteaz = 100

Inquisitorial Henchmen:
1 Banisher & 5 Deathcult Assassins (each has a power sword, and a power axe) = 90

Fast Attack:
Storm Raven, Twin Linked Lascannon, Twin Linked Multi Melta, Searchlight = 206

Somethings to explain here:

Basic idea is that everything scouts forwards 12" to get into range if I go first or hide if going second and using a boosted bit of terrain from the Techmarine.

If I were to play a screamer council I would charge it with as many dudes as possible or play hide and seek, hang around until the troops come down and hit and run out to pick on them that's the idea.

Legion of the dammed are Wave Serpeant Hunters since they ignore cover. Sternguard can drop in first turn (if I get first turn) and assassinate a big gribbly with their special ammo, and with all the scout moves be backed up turn 1 by the tactical squads, and bikes.

I think suicide melta/plasma sternguard are a epic waste of such a gifted unit as most of the time they are not properly backed up (unlike this army) and just get wiped turn 1/2 and they are expensive. I would only go for a suicide drop if I was playing something like Deamons and could bag a MC Warlord before it can fly.

Coteaz cuts down the chances on being seized on, so the list can scout forwards more aggressively than most. The GK Storm Raven runs as psyker killer with it's missiles (hello Seer/Screamer Councils) as well as run anti flyer duties - it doesn't have to kill, just distract and waste time from things like Helldrakes.

Naturally the Death Cultists run as a great counter assault deterrent - which combined with hit and run on all the marines means hiding in combat happens on my terms, which makes things like Screamer/Seer Councils having to rethink things.

I see the hardest thing for this list is being Daemons and Daemon flying circus so the Banisher is great for this as she forces all daemons with in 6" re-roll their successful invulnerable saves (also applies to Helldrakes) and being in the Storm Raven makes this a very large area of effect.

So there's the theory and the list!

I originally started this blog to get my Space Wolves sorted out, now it's this lists turn and I have till the end of January for the legendary Scottish ETC fundraiser Caledonian Uprising.


  1. Quality opposition? CANT have been Symcox
    Whilst I like Coteaz (whats not to like about 100 points of win), I cant help thinking Jaws-ing Rune Priests would be a better fit as allies with those grav gun toting bike squads...

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I don't see the space wolves! Where are the space wolves john?

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