Thursday, 27 March 2014

John will return in.....

Sorry for the months of radio silence, but I fully intend to get back into blogging with the new Imperial Guard Codex as/when it's released, including any supplements.

But for now here's the sort of list I've been rocking with for the last few months....

Codex Space Marines, White Scars,

HQ1: Chapter Master, Bike, Artificer Armour,
The Shield Eternal, Thunder Hammer = [250]

HQ2: Kor’Sarro Khan  = [150]

HQ2a: Command Squad: SM bikes, storm shield x4, grav gun x4, Apothecary = [250]

TROOPS 1: 5 Bikes, 2 Grav guns = [135]

TROOPS 2: 5 Bikes, 2 Grav guns = [135]

TROOPS 4: Tactical Squad 10 Tactical Marines, Multi Melta, Plasma Gun = [165]
Rhino = [35]

TROOPS 5: Tactical Squad 10 Tactical Marines, Multi Melta, Plasma Gun = [165]
Rhino = [35]


HQ1: Rune Priest, Bike, Chooser of the Slain, Runic Armour, Melta bombs,
Jaws of the world wolf (-) Living Lightning (-) = [170]

HQ2: Wolf Lord, Saga of the Bear, Bike, Runic Armour, Thunder hammer,
Storm Shield = [250]

TROOP 1: Grey Hunter Pack (5 men), flamer, = [75]
Rhino = [35]



  1. I think my comment disapparated... :(

    Anyhow, I just popped in to say that I hope you do manage to find time to get blogging again. Not that I can talk... What do you think of the not-so-new Astra Militarum?

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