Sunday, 24 October 2010

Da Plan!

Well Painting is under way for my Space Wolves (well the infantry) and as I have said else where I'm taking my idea of painting my guys up from Rupert at 3++ but naturally I've changed the colours in my steps:

1) Spray the model with Army Painter: Uniform Grey.
2) Paint all the bits which will be black with Chaos Black
3) Paint red parts on the shoulder pads/banners
4) Paint all the bits which will be silver with Boltgun Metal.
5) Paint all the bits which will be gold with Dwarf Bronze.
  (I am here)
Paint the model with Army Painter: Dark Tone

You then need to wait overnight for the toner to dry!

6) Line highlight power armour.
7) Line highlight a mid shade of Chaos Black and Codex Grey onto the black power armour/weapon parts.
8) Line highlight the previous step with Codex Grey.
9) Line highlight Mithril Silver onto metal parts.
10) Line Highlight Gold onto any gold parts.
At this stage the majority of the model is done, it's just details to go!
11) Paint all the furs Chaos Black.
12) Wet brush Grey/Brown onto the furs.
13) Dry brush 50:50 Grey/Brown, Skull white onto the furs focussing distally from attachments.
14) Paint small parts of skull white onto the most prominent parts of the furs for definition.
15) Paint the eyes and some of the gems with Red Gore.
16) Highlight the eyes with a dot of Skull white.
17) Paint some of the gems Blue.
18) Paint some of the gems Green.
19) Paint bones areas with Bleached bone leaving the dark tone in recesses as a shade.
20) Highlight these bone areas with Skull white.
21) Paint power weapons.
22) Line in progressive layers of base colour plus ever increasing amounts of Skull white.
23) Paint flesh areas with Dwarf Flesh.
24) Paint the base Chaos Black.
25) Base model

And with that you are done!

Seems like a lot to get through but after stage 5 it's mainly just highlights or detail work.

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  1. Wow, that's a pretty detailed painting scheme. My nids were never as complex as that. Although to be fair you do get shedloads of them so it would have taken forever to do them.
    Sounds like it'll be good though!