Tuesday, 12 October 2010

It has begun!

Painting my Space Wolves that is.

I have till March and the first Independent UK Grand Tournament for 40k.

My source of inspiration is Rupert's Collecting an army in one month articles over at 3++ is the new black

When broken down into 30 simple steps (colours changed for my army of course) it seems like a simple walk in the park, even for a painter as erratic as me. As I have tended to need to be in the "right mood" to paint but this helps me come out of that mood and feel good about painting in general as I'm far from a natural artist.

Someone somewhere (40kforums or Beasts of War I think) asked for my review of Mantic's King's of War game system. I have the Beta and an updated Beta from their open day and I will try to get round to it between painting, Halo Reach, starting a new job and a friends wedding.

Till next time!

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