Saturday, 9 October 2010

Mantic Open Day: Cake, BBQ and Bikinis

So some of you may of heard of a small company called Mantic Games based in Nottingham, UK.

Well today was their open day as well as their 1st Birthday so today I popped along to have a peek at what they had to offer and get a feel for the company.

I woke at 8am but laid in till 9am. Just before I went out the weather man on the TV promised the weather would be good for a Barbecue and Bikinis - it's the UK in October it should be Autumn!

So after a 30 minute bus ride in to Nottingham and a 10 minute walk to their address I bumped into a group of gamers from Germany who where looking for the Mantic office too, but after a bit of roaming we did and went on in.

When we got in there we were given a goody bag with 2 sprue's in it. One with 2 Dwarfs (A Champion and a Standard bearer) and a pair of boots with bone legs, and the second with 10 Elven Archers (including a champion and standard), a dead Elf and a small cat. The Army Painter plastic glue, a Kings of War hobby guide/poster and a Mantic reward card for future orders. Overall bloody generous!

Imagine what a unit of 10 Elves and a pot of plastic glue would cost at GW or anywhere else for that matter!

Goody bag contents

They had 2 demo games running of their new Kings of War game (Dwarfs vs Elves and Dwarfs vs Undead). Alessio Cavatore the game's designer was running the Undead game so I watched that and listened in for quite a while.

The game seems to play fairly quickly and like a "best of" Warhammer and War of the Ring - seemingly simple but deceptively tactical. I personally don't know the full rules but it seem quite easy to pick up (speaking as a gamer) and I love the Dwarf Berserker lord, in all 3 games I saw he normally took out a unit or 2 solo like a pint sized Chuck Norris.

Dwarf Berserker Lord: Small and mighty

There was also some painting demonstrations/lessons by the Mantic team as well as a sculpting demo. One special offer was buy a £40/£50 army set and get your own unique sculpted model that you could request on the day!

They also had a collection of models on display as well as their 3-ups that where painted too!

There was also a small display from hassle free miniatures, as well as shop with some really cheap sprue's, some of Mantic's own paint as well as some army painter items too as well as the usual array of miniatures and boxed sets. There was also a cake and sandwich store which the proceeds from go to charity

Sadly the weatherman lied and there was no Barbecue or Bikinis, but there was cake and gaming!

You can see all the pictures I have taken in this photobucket album, but here's a few for you to see now:
Alessio helps out with a demo game

Custom sculpts and 3-ups


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