Monday, 14 March 2011

Paladins of Steel: WIP Captain (Tycho)

My WIP on my version of Captain Tycho (or a Captain with a Power weapon and Combi Melta)

Hell this model/character isn't even in the original army list but I wanted a bionic character who wasn't a Libby or a Chaplain!



Most of the work left is on the banner and as someone who not a natural artist (by a long shot!) it's going to take a long time to do it...

I love converting, I even cut the Forgeworld legs to get more of a charging feel to him (and green stuff to fill a tiny gap). By using the FW character kit and a head that goes well with it I can give him a story of why his entire left side is bionic

I pinned him to his base, PA leg to groin, torso to groin, banner in to back pack.

I haven't forgotten about the Space Wolves, it's just they need a few tiny touches doing and then they are done for the Tournament!!!


  1. Is that a home made combimelta?

    He looks good. I like the bionic arm, and the sword shoulder pad. Makes it all look "together".

  2. It's the SM Commander Combi Melta.

    In fact it's a kit bash of the SM Commander set and the Forge World Character upgrade kit.

    The sword shoulder pad is from the Dark Angels upgrade sprue and I have around 30 of them from e-bay to use as my chapter badge.

  3. Cool. I had to create my own for my Wolf Guard and they look pretty close to yours.

  4. Cool, and better painted then my Wolf Guard!