Sunday, 22 April 2012

Army for Sale/Trade!

I've grown bored of Fantasy, and I haven't played in yonks, so I just want rid of this lot:

20 Metal Black Orcs with full comm
14 Plastic Black Orcs/with full comm
20 Night Goblins, Hand weapons and Shields, full comm
60 Skull Pass Night Goblins with Spears and Full comm

Grimgore Ironhide (metal)
Plastic Orc BSB
Metal Orc Warboss (games day mini I think)
Savage Orc Shaman (metal)

Orc Shaman
2 Night Goblin Shamans
20 Skull Pass Night Goblins with Short bows/full comm
3 Night Goblin Heroes (plastic Skull pass ones?)
1 Skull Pass Troll

34 (19+25) Orcs. Choppas and Shields/2 full comm

1 Plastic Warboss on old style boar (broken arm)
1 metal shaman on old style boar
5 Plastic Boar boyz, + 1 unmade
1 Black Orc Warboss (metal) missing axe arm.
3 Plastic Fanatics.

Some movement trays
New, Hardback O+G army book
Small paperback 8th Edition Rule Book

Rough Retail/Ebay price up comes to just over £340, but I'm open to any offers/trades for a 40k army.

Pics: ... 20Goblins/
Most pics are doubles - with and without flash on.

So let me know on the following thread on the Warhammer Forum:

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