Monday, 16 April 2012

Open War: Game 1 vs Battlewagon Orks

It's been a while since my last post which was the army list I had taken to Open War 17 ran by the Nottingham 1st Company Veterans which you can read here.

So without further ado here's the first of the three games I played:

Game 1:
5 Objectives (classic X set up), pitch battle.

Opponent: Battlewagon Orks! Gazzie with Nobs, Big Mek with force field with burna boyz, shoota boyz, a unit of grots, 2 nits of 6 lootas, and 3 rokkit buggies.

Well it was my first game vs Battle Wagon Orks so I didn't have much faith in pulling out a win.

Well he won the roll for deployment and set up slightly off to my right due to a piece of impassible terrain, so I set up in my left corner around a piece of impassible terrain too. I left my 2 infantry squads in reserve, one in a chimera to try and get the central objective late game, and the platoon command squad on my right hiding behind cover in their chimera to either hold a objective or if things go badly jump out and melta a wagon

So turn 1 sees the battlewagons come to the middle for the turn 2 wagghh & charge, while one of the rokkit buggies snuck a wrecked result in verses my veterans Chimera. In response my Manticore lets loose 2 shots in to the Shoota boyz wagon and wrecks it, and then the demolisher lets loose and takes out the Big Meks/burna boyz wagon as well! A very good start! The Exterminators wittle down a unit of lootas while the Hellhounds push down my left to get the grots next turn, but this turn kill a rokket buggy. A great reply for my first turn.

Turn 2 sees him not commit Gaz yet and the boyz in the middle spread out to avoid my pie plates, his rokkit buggies go after the hellhounds to no effect. My turn 2 sees the Manticore starting a bombardment of Shoota and Burna Boyz in the middle but the big mek shield starts to work. The Demolisher takes out Gaz's Wagon as my Chimeras start to multilaser his nobs. The Hellhounds take out the whole unit of Grots so hes down to 2 scoring units.

Turn 3 sees him commit Gaz and the nobs to charge and kill my Demolisher and Eradicator but this leaves him mass las, flamer, and melta range. The buggies keep on trying to annoy the Hellhounds and finally do some damage in ripping of one of the inferno cannons.

My turn 3 sees my Hellhounds tank shock 3 lootas off the board, while the Exterminators wipe out the buggies and his nobs are wiped out as Gaz left the unit last turn so I made the most of it.

Turn 4 sees Gaz just make it to my Exterminators but he only kills one. In my turn 4 my infantry squads arrive, just in time to first rank, second rank his Burna boyz and then the Big Mek into oblivion. My Hellhounds nuke the remainder of his shoota boyz so he has no scoring units left, the Veterans rapid fire their plasama guns and reduce Gaz to a single wound just before he kills of the second Exterminator.

Turn 5 Sees Gaz charge my Veterans and kills only 2, the Veterans who hold. My Hellhounds kill the 2nd unit of Lootas leaving only Gaz left on a single wound locked in combat with my Veterans who hold all the way till turn 6 when the game ends. But not before I push the Chimera Mounted infantry squad into the middle to take the objective giving me a 2 - 0 win

It was a one sided game but I had never played Battlewagon Orks before so I was expecting 4+ cover saves and deathrollas to the face, but being opening open topped, and shooting indirectly to hit the side armour with the Manticore was devastating along side the Hellhounds killing whatever they liked in a single turn.

But the Ork army was beautiful, just the right level of orkyness to the Battlewagons and a Gazzie conversion that had its base in a Blood Bowl Ogre and a million of bits from various kits made for a fine Warboss.

Game 2 is a Guard on Guard Slapfight in kill points no less! So comeback tomorrow for a slaughter fest that Khorne would approve of!

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